Fibromyalgia Pain?

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Fibromyalgia Pain?

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“My sinus infections are gone! I never needed surgery although I had a consultation with a ENT and they advised I get the painful septum surgery due to my severely deviated septum which caused headaches and terrible sinus infections. After my first visit I could breath again… and I haven’t had a sinus infection in 7 years! This sinus and headache therapy has allowed me to sleep much better which translates in my overall health being better and feeling well consistently. I highly recommend Susan if you are experiencing pain like I was! Thank you Susan!
Ian B.

Chiropractic and Fibromyalgia

“Fibromyalgia” syndrome is chronic disorder which includes widespread muscle pain, fatigue, and multiple tender points that affects 3-6 million people in the United States. For reasons that are unclear, more than 90% of those who develop fibromyalgia are women. It is not currently known whether the predominance of women who suffer from fibromyalgia is a phenomenon of the socialization of women in the American culture or whether it is some combination of the female reproductive hormones and other genetic predispositions.

According to the “American College of Rheumatology”, fibromyalgia is defined as a history of pain in all four quadrants of the body lasting more than 3 months. Pain in all four quadrants means that you have pain in both your right and left sides, as well as above and below the waist. The ACR also described 18 characteristic tender points on the body that are associated with fibromyalgia. In order to be diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a person must have 11 or more tender points.

Treating Fibromyalgia With Chiropractic

Chiropractic care is critical for those who suffer from fibromyalgia in order to keep the spine and muscles from losing too much movement. Because fibromyalgia causes the muscles to tighten up and lose some of their natural pliability, it results in a global loss of movement in the spine. The loss of movement in the spine results in a neurological reflex that causes the muscles to tighten further. This vicious cycle will continue and over time will lead to increased pain, increased muscle tightness, a loss of movement, more difficulty sleeping and the development of more and more trigger points.

Chiropractic care has shown significant improvements in pain relief for fibromyalgia patients. There is reduced pain in the neck, shoulders, back and legs after the first session. This treatment option does not require medication thus, it is considered as one of the best for these types of condition. The following benefits make chiropractic treatments an optimal method for fibromyalgia.

Decreased Pain Level

Constant pain is one of the most challenging issues experienced by patients with fibromyalgia. It affects the whole body for a long period often taking months to finally subside. Though patients seek care for the pain, they realize that this treatment method also helps them get back to their normal condition. Spine adjustments improve alignment and incorporate some soft tissue work.

Increase Range of Motion

Chiropractic treatments adjust the joints and help loosen it, thus patients have an increased range of motion and easier movement after a session. For some it can take several treatments to notice an improvement, but everything will be worth the time as you see the outcome over time.

Better Sleep Quality

Fibromyalgia patients often experience lack of sleep because of the pain they feel all over their body. Some even wake up feeling tired, irritable and foggy after taking several hours of sleep. With chiropractic care, patients can achieve deeper and better sleep quality. Reduced pain also allows them to sleep longer.

Complements Other Treatments

Conventional medication often counteracts when mixed together. There are also some with negative side effects. An advantage of alternative methods such as chiropractic care is that it goes well with conventional, traditional or natural remedies. If you suffer from fibromyalgia, consult with your doctor first before seeking alternative treatment.

Empowering Patients with Painful Conditions

Suffering from chronic pain that is felt everywhere in your body can be an overwhelming experience. It can be exasperating to try various treatments and find little or no relief for your situations. It can add more stress and cause depression to some patients. With chiropractic care, a patient slowly comes out of feeling stressed and depressed. Feeling better every after a session makes them feel more incharge of their situation and optimistic about their recovery.

Chiropractic care and treatment has become a valuable tool in helping people manage symptoms associated with fibromyalgia. However, patients must also remain committed to their session schedules for them to see the benefits of reduced pain, better mobility and longer, deeper sleep. The best benefits of this method is that it allows patients to have more control on their condition. And it is essential in helping them recover their sense of personal well-being.

Visit BeachView Chiropractic Center for Your Fibromyalgia Pain

If you have loved ones suffering from this painful condition, you can extend your support to them by finding alternative treatment for their condition. The BeachView Chiropractic Center is a go-to center for people who experience pain and discomfort related to their musculoskeletal system. They provide services that can help alleviate fibromyalgia pain and eventually help patients manage their condition.

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A: Only if the doctor determines that they are necessary
A: Bring your insurance information in with you when you come in for your appointment. There is no charge for you for the consultation to talk to the doctor about your condition. We accept Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, United Health Care, and Self Pay.
A: The Activator Adjusting Instrument is a hand-held, spring-loaded device that delivers fast, precise adjustments in order to restore range of motion to the vertebrae and extremity joints.
A: Traditional spinal manipulation is performed with our chiropractor’s hands. During the adjustment, a quick, firm thrust will be used to realign the joint. While this is perfectly safe, the adjusted area is much larger with a traditional adjustment than with an Activator adjustment. The Activator delivers a direct and precise adjustment that does not require any twisting or pulling. Individuals typically find the activator method less physically and mentally stressful because there are not as many pops or cracks associated with the adjustment, and the speed of the device means that the muscles do not have time to tense against the force.
A: Everyone is unique and we can give you more idea once we have assessed your case. Some patients experience almost instant relief. Others discover it can take many weeks or months. Many factors can affect the healing process.